Mirage Ability

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Mirage Ability

Post by zebragal » 13 Apr 2010, 20:50

Been over a year since I was here. I admire those of you who are animators and can put your work into motion. However, I am not one and originally purchased Mirage to use in my video production biz which no longer exists. In 2009, I returned to painting with a brush and acrylics and oils. It would be great if the work window in Mirage could be enlarged to a full screen size or at least lots bigger than it is. If this is possible, please advise and give the procedure. Thank you very much. Keep having fun.

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Re: Mirage Ability

Post by rawhead » 08 Jan 2011, 21:22

Maybe you have found it, there´s icon of monitor. If you put cursor over it it says "Enable/Disable Full Screen..." Also could change from "View" menu "Windows or Fullscreen". Then just click off all menus. With Shift-V you could see full page.

I do animation with Mirage, haven´t test all functions, maybe theres more, but maybe that helps.


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