Wacom with mouse

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Wacom with mouse

Post by TVPaint » 06 Nov 2006, 14:12

Hi, I mostly use a Wacom tablet (Graphire4) with Mirage (I am a fairly new user),
and notice the mouse goes completely dead when I start up the application ... the pen works just fine, though.
I can still use my touchpad... is this an issue with Mirage or with the tablet?
as best I recall, the explanation the programmers offered when this last came up was that it lacked sufficient resolution
to work with Mirage's subpixel accuracy. Odd really, I admit - I have used a variety of other wirselss mice without issue.
Only problem with not supporting the mouse mode is with my Cintiq 21 tablet/screen. I have a button to toggle the 'mouse' mode so that I can keep my hand on the pen and access dialogs and other apps on my main monitor. When running Mirage I can't get the cursor when in 'mouse' mode to even move off the Mirage app so I can hop over to the other monitor.

It's a SERIOUS issue with my workflow and I really hate having to put down my pen and pick up another pen from another tablet or my mouse just to click 'ok' on a dialog etc.

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema 4DXL don't seem to have a problem with the 'mouse' resolution issue.

It's my hope that when the source for Mirage is fully in the hands of the Bauhaus team they will remedy this problem because until it's fixed it's a serious issue to me. I know others may not see it as a priority but when I start up Mirage it really screws up my workflow (and my desk layout as well).

I've coded apps that support the Wacom tablet and looking through the C++ code I have at hand I really don't even understand why Mirage doesn't support the mouse mode. The mouse mode resolution is far above a normal mouse and that works with Mirage!

I think it's more of a (insert other company name here) coding issue than a Bauhaus issue. Can't wait to see what's in the future when a new coding team gets a crack at the codebase. Good times for all.
This bug is surely due to a (insert other company name here) coding issue anyway i'm afraid that i have to say that it won't be fixed since (insert other company name here) won't do any further modifications or updates of the Mirage source code.

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Post by masterchief » 07 May 2008, 12:41

I must tell you that I have been able to get the wacom mouse to work while using Mirage... but when I exit Mirage and then immediately restart, the mouse starts acting up again.

Wacom drivers and Mirage seem to clash when it comes to designating active screen... it is basically not worth the effort to get the mouse to work.. I use optical mouse and will never be restricted as would be the case if I were using limited wacom tablet area. so... why bother, right?


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