Export to quicktime produces only black

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Export to quicktime produces only black

Post by JM07 » 04 Nov 2010, 17:01

Help! For some reason my settings have changed or something. Whenever I export to quicktime all I get when I open the quicktime movie is black and no video. Does anyone know what happened? The quicktime movie says there are no bytes.

I have checked in under browser:

Quicktime Config: Animation.

Preserve proportion
Field progressive

Correct Aspect
Stretch to frame rate

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Post by User767 » 22 Nov 2010, 14:52

Hopefully you've worked this out by now. If not, you may have one of the following issues:

Quicktime generally needs all of the frames rendered out into a temporary file before they can be assembled into a playable movie. If your file size is too big, the computer and/or Quicktime can't deal with it. If you're on Windows, you hit that limit a little faster than on a Mac, but either way, if the total movie file size is around 2GB, you can run into problems. I believe 4 GB is the actual limit (that could be inaccurate number-wise, but there are limits to be aware of).

Another possibility is that you specified a range of frames that essentially left you with none of them. Like from frame 0 to 0, for example.

You might have hit a Quicktime error. You might have run out of memory. You might have been impatient, and the movie didn't get a chance to compile into the final QT file. Something else could have happened.

Here's a suggestion: Don't render to QT. Render out a sequence of frames (png, tga, or tiff), and compile them into a movie file yourself later. It's less taxing on the system, and if something goes wrong, you can re export from whatever frame went amiss, while still having the beginning bit done already. To make the .mov, you'll need something that can take a frame sequence and turn it into video. Editing software, QT pro, or one of a myriad of other utilities that are out there will do this.
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