Video rendering problem-is it a first?

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Re: Video rendering problem-is it a first?

Post by KenC » 26 Oct 2009, 15:29

Realtek is the onboard soundchip that's built into most motherboards today. It could be that your computer is set to playback audio though that and not through your soundblaster. I don't think the realtek chip can handle anything above 44.1 so if the audio you are trying to play back is at 48.1 it would play back at the wrong speed.

Make sure that everywhere in your audio chain you are using the soundblaster. Check in control panel/Sounds and audio devices under the audio tab that it's set to playback using the soundblaster card and not realtek.
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Re: Video rendering problem-is it a first?

Post by edjones » 08 Nov 2009, 16:50

As this post of mine developed and several members spent their valuable time attempting to help me, I had a secret dread that the solution might be something so simple that I would be made to feel STOOPID! Well it was. And I do. The setting of my Creative Media Player/Time Scale was set to play slow. I had not touched this setting so I do not know how this happened. But that was the cause and it was the one, basic thing that I had not thought to check. Perhaps, at least, my admission of this omission might prove salutary to the mental health of the next novice with a similar problem. And thanks again to those who tried to help.

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