set pop-up window position

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set pop-up window position

Post by rawhead » 25 Aug 2008, 20:09

How that was, if i want set "popup"-windows position? Was that in about editing file? I have two monitor and it open example quitting-window into middle of those two monitor. Not big problem, but anyway... :)

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Re: set pop-up window position

Post by ZigOtto » 25 Aug 2008, 20:42

idem here, I'm still waiting for a "friendly" solution from the dev. team, because I'm RegEdit-allergic ... :roll:
the popX, popY optional lines in the .ini file was however fine to me, regrettable disappearing ...
why not a user's setting in the preferences/Display panel, toggling Center All/Center 1rst Monitor/Custom...
the same for the Save Config option when quitting, disappeared too . :evil:
(I often want to quit without saving, to recover the previous state at the next launching.)
or a "quit & save as new Config..." bringing a popup request where to enter the new config name,
and so preserving the previous config .

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