Mirage Tutorials - Where are they?

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Mirage Tutorials - Where are they?

Post by zebragal » 09 May 2008, 14:49

How can I access all those helpful Mirage tutorials that were on the bauhaus software site???
Since TVPaint purchased the Mirage license back from bauhaus, I assume that included the Mirage tutorials and they are or will be where the rest of us can access them online. Please adivse. I am at a standstill without them. :(
Glenda L.

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Re: Mirage Tutorials - Where are they?

Post by ZigOtto » 09 May 2008, 15:28

the whole Mirage site belongs to Bauhaus Software, (except the works in their gallery belonging to their authors).
Bauhaus closed their site without any notification or any warning, :roll: (special thanks to these gentlemen).
so I don't expect people to have downloaded their Tuts and uploaded them somewhere else, mirroring the hosted files before the death.
if someone have, let tell us.

anyway you can try to ask them at support@bauhaussoftware.com , it doesn't hurt to ask.

btw, if you are still using Aura, you can talk to Steve Bowie there on Newtek forum as well.
He's always ready to go to some user's assistance, giving excellent advices and Tips.
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Klaus Hoefs
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Re: Mirage Tutorials - Where are they?

Post by Klaus Hoefs » 09 May 2008, 16:34

There were once on the installation-cd that came with Mirage package. But if TVP hasn't acquired the rights for them, I think there is no change to have them online.
There were also some tutorials done by users. I remember a walk-cycle tut based on Paul's drawings of a man with hat.
here are mine:

-Cutout (Mirage, engl.): http://www.inf.fh-flensburg.de/hoefs/mi ... Out_1.html

- Animated water done with distortion grid (Mirage, engl.) : http://www.inf.fh-flensburg.de/hoefs/mr ... ut1/1.html

- Bluescreen, claymation (Mirage, german) :http://www.inf.fh-flensburg.de/hoefs/mi ... creen.html

-Making your own model with plasticine, part one (very basic) (engl.): http://www.inf.fh-flensburg.de/hoefs/mi ... lClay.html

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