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Re: B-Spline Line Weight Feature

Post by toonybrain » 08 May 2018, 13:33

(I don't usually customize my brushes much ... I use the default brush tools and the various nice custom ones that I see posted on the forum , but I'm not regularly customizing the drawing tools ) .
I am also one who is inclined to use default brush tools as D.T. Nethery stated above. I also download brush content from this forum kindly provided by so many you.

I enjoyed this thread and learned quite a bit here that I didn't know about how to line taper (I also thought it was supposed to be controlled by pressure, but that hadn't seemed to work very well for me.)

But now that I've been playing around with brush profiles a bit and practicing, I've noticed that my lines seem to have an "established life length," meaning that they start tapering when they want to rather than when my line is finished. For example, if I'm drawing a longer line, the taper will begin before I get to my intended end of that line.

The line length seems to be predetermined.

What am I doing or not doing to cause this?

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