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by deloresi
04 Apr 2010, 09:30
Forum: TVPaint 6 (Aura) & TVPaint 7 (Mirage)
Topic: animation
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I just lost about six months of animation? Oh jeez. Okay well, I did a windows update last night. I woke up this morning and turned on my computer and the background was its default wallpaper. I thought that was odd. I noticed some of my icons were missing, so I restarted my computer. When it booted...
by deloresi
31 Jul 2009, 09:35
Forum: TVPaint 6 (Aura) & TVPaint 7 (Mirage)
Topic: Tips for coloring animation
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Re: Tips for coloring animation

How should I go about getting a career in animation? I'm looking to get a career in animation. Making video games, cartoons, shows (like Japanese anime), and even movies (like Wall-E). I haven't finished high school yet so I'm wondering, how should I go about pursuing this right now? Any special cla...